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General Information for Ordering Please Read and Follow the Instructions


Shipping: Needs to be updated, not valid shipping rates
Is not included in any of the prices of the items available unless stated. Ground shipping and handling charges only for reproductions are as follows and is subject to change without notice.

Destination Bubble Envelope Small Packet
Canada $3.50 US Postal Code required
US $5.00 US $6.00 US
International $5.00 US $9.00 US (postal air only)

Other items (action figures, cards) charges are dependent on destination, size and weight. Once items are shipped, the time for delivery is out of our hands.
*NOTE* will not be held responsible for late, lost or damaged packages. Photocopies are taken of the package once the postal sticker has been applied to prove shipping and a copy can be requested for confirmation.  Insurance can only be added if packages go at parcel rates and then it's quite expensive. Faster, traceable and insured packages can be arranged but there is a price to pay for that service.
Also, reports from others, ground shipping time can take from 1 - 6 weeks! Be prepared.

ALL Prices listed are in US Funds.

In the subject field, specify if it's reproduction parts, cards, action figures or misc. items you want. If you want detailed information on a particular item, please ask. In the body, when ordering, your request must be accompanied by your complete mailing address and payment method (as shown in the example) because it's hard to give quotes without them. Remember to ask all the questions, we will not assume anything unless asked. ALWAYS reply quoted to all emails to keep all  previous discussions of information on the same email. Do not Delete any part of the correspondence.

Order Processing:
Orders are usually processed in the order they were received and are usually shipped within a 2 week period of receiving payment. Shipping day is every Sunday unless it falls on a holiday, then it will go out the day before.

Can be made by a US International Postal (pink one)/Bank Money Order, Pay Pal or cash ONLY!! If you decide to send cash, you take full responsibility if you do not send it in a traceable manner (express, priority with a number on it). Electronic payments will have a 4.5% processing fee added to the combined total of the items and S&H charges.  I will not except any emails saying payment was sent if it can not be proved. Personal or business checks are not excepted , NO EXCEPTIONS!! **Please advise us on your payment preference at the time of ordering**

Do Not Send the above type money order. My bank or post office will not deposit or cash these due to a money laundering scandal in the U.S. Besides, it says
right on the money order in Red BOLD Letters "NEGOTIABLE ONLY IN THE U.S. AND POSSESSIONS" and Canada is neither (at this time any ways).

Sending Payment:
Included with your snail mail payment, a copy of our emails detailing your name, mailing address and items purchased. When using Pay Pal, please place the items ordered in the note section when filling out Pay Pal payment form. Not including this will delay your shipment greatly or I'll consider it free money because some people use nicknames in email addresses and it's hard to match that to a name on an envelope or a Verified email address from Pay Pal.

Trades and Buying:
Trades are handled on an individual basis and if you've dealt with us before. In most cases, you must ship first.

MOC and MISB items are either US or Canadian issue. If there is a preference, please ask before hand and not after you receive the item(s).




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