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Frequently asked Questions 

Q: What can I expect from a repro item from this site?
A: A cost effective replacement from the price of an original item with the option to take advantage of being able to pick colors outside of the original for a better look but not sacrificing on quality. You will find that all the items are 99% air bubble/pit free including the translucent items. There will be fill/vents marks from the posts that are cut off to make the part and some flash on the mold line. I try to clean them up as much as I can before I ship but sometimes time does not permit it. Some handles/posts are modified to take up the slack due to shrinkage of the resin so be careful if a tab or a thick flash is there. It may be there for a reason. Test fit any piece before trimming or adding paint.

Q: Can I paint or decal any items I get?
A: Yes you can but first, wash them in luke warm water and Mister Clean (or Windex and rinse well). The parts have a mold release agent (soapy feeling) on the part. It doesn't hurt anything if you leave it on except to paint or decal it must be washed.

Q: How long does it take before I receive my order?
A: Between 1 - 6 weeks. That is out of my control and something you should discuss with your postal service.

Q: How long until you ship my items?
A: Usually within 2 weeks after payment is recieved on Sunday's only. A little more if I'm having some problems with certain items. Some parts take longer to make than others and there are other people's orders that are being made also. Like a first come first basis depending on the items.

Q: Can you match the color of "X"?
A: I can not exact match the color except black and white. It only takes a drop of either side of resin to throw off the color. I get as close as I can to the color you would like but no guarantees.

Q: Can I get an item in a different color other than what I see on your web site.
A: By all means yes. The pictures taken for the site are prototypes, color tests and what not and are not what you have to order them in. That's the nice thing about getting repro parts, you can get colors that stick out from the toy as compared to blending in with it.

Q: Can I get a discount if I get lots of items?
A: Normally, no. Repeat customers I try to give a break on things now and again but that's about it. It's not about the cost, it's about the time involved to do an item and why some items go up and some down after a period of time.

Q: Can you tell me what you use to make your items so I can do my own?
A: Simple answer, no. I did that once and I got burned on it. Besides, techniques and materials change quite often as new methods are found to do repros or new resins are tested and work better than others. 

Q: Do you take requests for parts to be reproduced?
A: Yes. If it's a part that gets requested often, it will get done sooner than others.

Q: Can you reproduce custom pieces I've made and what is the cost?
A: Yes. As long you realize that what you send me, is what you'll get back. If it has fine scratches on it from sanding, those scratches will be on the repro. The cost to make a mold, reproduce 2 items ( 1 if it's a larger piece) and return shipping of the original item and it's repro(s) is $30.00 US. Bigger items will cost more.

Q: If I send you a piece to mold and reproduce, do I get the mold if I pay for the molding?
A: No. You are only paying the molding fees, not buying the mold, including custom molds. Arrangements can be made prior to the start of a job if you want to buy the mold also but that is quite expensive.

Q: Will the piece I send you get damaged in the process of molding?
A: No harm comes to the item being molded but it must have no decals on it.

Q: If a make a custom piece can I list on your site?
A: Yes. You can also have the item only sold through you and still have it listed on this site.

Q: I would like a piece reproduced but it's not a commonly asked for item, will you still do it?
A: Yes and depending on the item, you may be asked to supply the original to mold and pay the molding fees as well.

Q: The item I bought from you is loose in the hole, can this be fixed?
A: Yes. Due to the natural shrinking of resins, posts will be smaller on repros than originals. The best ways to fix that is to either add a very thin coat of clear paint/nail polish to the post or to the inside of the hole. Some new methods are being worked on to help prevent this in the repro without permanently damaging the original.

Q: My item feels hard but bends easily when on the figure after a period of time, is there a problem with the part?
A: Generally there is not a problem with the part but it's to hot where it is. Plastic resin is excellent for thick items (1/4 inch and better) but touchy on thinner items. If the part is exposed to temperatures greater than 90 degrees F, it will become softer. The ideal temperature for thin long parts, like the Megatron sword (unchromed) is between 75 and 85 degrees F. All items sold here are made and tested in a temperature of 70 - 80 degrees F with no problems. If you have a concern, contact me.

Q: Do you give refunds or exchanges on items?
A: Only if the part is defective or a mistake was made in shipping the wrong item. On defective items, you will be asked to return it for inspection. It's the only way to try and help prevent it from happening again.

Q: Can I send a personal check for my items?
A: A big no here. International Money Orders (not green postal money orders), Pay Pal or cash (at your own risk) in US funds are excepted. No exceptions for any reason or person.

Q: Do you trade parts for things you need?
A: You bet I do. Just because it's not on the want list, doesn't mean I won't consider it, so ask.

Still have a question? Feel free to email me and ask.
This page will be updated as necessary. Thanks...Ken


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