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Fan / Custom Made
and other items

Colors shown below are prototypes/test shots and are not the colors you have to order
the parts in. Translucent colors will be higher in price in some cases
due to the time involved over the standard resins.

Erengon Megatron
Hand Held Sword - $15.00 (5mm handle and many colors available)
Custom by Cybertronian Artifacts

Decepticon Jet Cockpit/Mainframe Rebuild Kit - $1.00 per kit
by KCC Collectibles/
Rebuild that swinging cockpit with 2 custom plastic washers
and simple instructions.

Jetfire Custom Missiles - $5.00 pair
by KCC Collectibles/
You will need to add a spring to the gun in order
for it to fire.

Prowl G1/RID Custom Head - No longer available, sorry
Custom by Joseph Bradford

Tracks Head - No longer available, sorry
A replacement for RID's Sideburn Head
Custom by Joseph Bradford

RID Custom X-Brawn Shooting Hand - $10.00
Custom by James Poisso

Targetmaster Hot Rod - Custom Firebolt - $15.00/$25.00 (clear colors)
Custom by Cosmic Rust
Custom made peg to fit in any regular or reissue Hot Rod.
Note - Will not work with Targetmaster Hot Rod unless peg extension is
cut off. Also available in clear colors (pic 1, pic 2).

Alternator/BT Swindle (or other Alt/BT) Custom Gun - $10.00
Custom by Justin Anderson (pic1, pic2)

Ghostbusters Proton Gun - $5.00

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