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Courtesy of
The Allspark

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Autobot / Maximal

Colors shown below are prototypes/test shots and are not the colors you have to order
the parts in. Translucent colors will be higher in price in some cases
due to the time involved over the standard resins.

Diaclone Drivers
$12.00 kit
2 sheets in any color I can make (one color per sheet) which will give you 4 drivers to make up/design yourself. 
Click here for building instructions

Fortress/Brave/Grand Maximus
Headmaster Spike - $25.00
Cerebros Sword - $10.00


Dual Cannon - No longer available.
Photon Rifle - No longer available.
Cogs Laser - $8.00 each
Cerebros Gun - 8.00
Radar Dish - $10.00

Wings - $5.00 pair

Fists (Hoist/Trailbreaker) - $5.00 pair
Green also available or custom color.


Roof Hatch (Hoist/Trailbreaker) - $3.00
Green also available or custom color.

Picture coming soon

Hot Rod
Targetmaster - Custom Firebolt - $15.00/$25.00 (clear colors)
Custom by Cosmic Rust
Custom made peg to fit in any regular or reissue Hot Rod.
Note - Will not work with Targetmaster Hot Rod unless peg extension is
cut off. Also available in clear colors of your choice (pic 1, pic 2).

Spare Tire w/Decal - $5.00
Mirrors - $5.00 pair
Gas Can - $5.00

Wings - $5.00 pair
Made in white, gray also available for Artfire as shown.
Fists - $5.00 pair
Same as Grapple's.
Gun - $5.00
Same as Grapple's

Peg - $5.00

Gun Clip - $5.00
Leg Clips - $5.00 pair
Missiles 1/55 (Macross) - $5.00 pair
Missile Clusters (Macross) - $8.00 set
Courtesy of
Reproduced in white.

Targetmaster -  Recoil - Coming Soon

Missiles - $5.00 pair

Scampers Gun - $5.00 each
Antenna - $5.00

Big Shot's Cannon (Battle Patrol) - $2.00
Missile Master Missile (Astro Squad) - $2.00

Omega Supreme
Replacement Drum Assembly
$5.00 each without spring and screw
$6.50 each with spring and screw

Optimus Prime
Pump, nozzle and hose set - $5.00
The hose is glued into place on both pump and nozzle ends which is
13 cm in length. The hose is a smaller diameter also. 
Bloated Rifle - $8.00

Regular Rifle - $7.00

Fists (G1/G2)
$5.00 pair
$10.00 Translucent
White or Clear and be done for Ultra Magnus.
Bloated Fists (First G1 Style)
$5.00 pair
$10.00 Translucent
Extended Gun post Fists (reissues)
$5.00 pair
$10.00 Translucent
White or Clear and be done for Ultra Magnus.
$5.00 solid colors
$10.00 Translucent
Click here to see it in Optimus.
Energy Axe Translucent
$10.00 each
Many colors to choose from.
Smoke Stacks - $2.50 each
Black or choice of color. No chrome or silver is available, sorry.
Can be used on Ultra Magnus also
Window - $5.00
Can be used for Ultra Magnus also and comes
in red, black, yellow, blue, clear, purple

Trailer Door Hinges Rebuild Kit - $5.00 pair
Idea, prototypes and instructions by Spencer1984
Click here for installation instructions

20th Anniversary
Optimus Prime Smoke Stacks - $7.00 pair
A range of solid or translucent colors are available.
No chrome or silver is available, sorry. Gray is the closest.

Power Master Smoke Stacks - $5.00 pair
Laser Sword (RID version) - Coming Soon
Good for any types of the Laser Optimus Primes
Modified Optimus Rifle - Coming Soon
Justin took a reissue Prime rifle and modified so he can hold his gun
correctly and not by the gunclip. It also sits better in his hand than the original ever did. Good work Justin!

Shoulder Tab - $3.00 each

Red Alert/Sideswipe
Rifle - $5.00 each

Missiles - $5.00 pair

Rodimus Prime
Blast Shields - $5.00 each

Wing/Fin - $10.00

Smokescreen Alt/BT  No longer available.
Firing Shoulder Launchers Unassembled

Non-Firing Version Unassembled
In it's many pieces (minus spring)

Blades - $10.00

Fists - $5.00 pair

Clear Upper Beak - $5.00

Lower Beak - $5.00

Missiles - $5.00 pair

Ultra Magnus
Fists - $5.00 pair

Missiles - $5.00 pair

Large Fists - $7.00 pair

Canopy - $7.00
Wings - $5.00 pair
Spoilers - $5.00 pair large peg
Working Rub sign available for $2 extra with spoiler order.
Missiles - $5.00 pair
Replacement Head - $5.00
Replacement Head - $5.00
(Diaclone Version)
Conversion Kit to Marlboro (Diaclone)
Diaclone head, blue wings and canopy - $15.00

Alternator/BT Wheeljack Head Piece(s) - $5.00/$7.50
Replacement for back and/or front of head to make eyes
and ears glow. $5 for the just the back, $7.50 for both pieces.
On Wheeljack (just the back piece)
Windcharger Alternator
Drive Shaft/Gun Barrel w/steel pin
Attached to engine.

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